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Hello, I'm Zachary R. Havens,
LPCC, CFRC, CCTP & Founder


Sports and athletic counseling is a growing field with a focus on bettering performance, improving response to emotional and environmental pressures, and improving motivation and response to injury.

Zach does not remember a time in which sports and athletic competition was not included in his life, and ended their athletic participation due to a series of injuries. Zach is experienced in working with individuals responding to injury, responding to pressures in their high level athletic participation, and limiting their ideas of perfectionism/anxiety about being flawless in their sport. Zach works towards assisting others navigate their life's journey, improve their performance in their desired situations, and finding their spark.  

SkyFox Vision

The vision of SkyFox is provide premier sports therapy through increasing the client’s awareness of stressors, and improving their mental performance through practicing key skills, and providing clarity into their hardships.


SkyFox Mission

Our goal is simple: to maximize the performance of an athlete’s performance by finding and practicing tools to limit the stress around performance. This is accomplished through using several skills associated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Training, and improving and understanding the Brain-Body Connection to make meaningful impacts on an athlete’s overall performance.


Practice Makes Perfect!

This means practicing mental skills is just as important as developing physical skills when it comes to improving performance!


Through my experience, the interventions that most of my clients respond well to include improving their self-talk, balancing their imagery in preparation for their event, setting meaningful, obtainable, goals to improve performance, and being able to remain active throughout the therapy process. These skills, along with many others have assisted clients improve their performance, increase communication of needs with others, and provide additional balance in life!


Why SkyFox?

Why the name SkyFox Counseling and Consultation?

1.   I wanted to provide full counseling and consultation services directed for athletes, first responders, high performers, and those experiencing high levels of functional anxiety.

2.  I wanted to engage in consultation with sports teams, schools, businesses, and I wish to offer clinical supervision to both counseling students, and others wishing to develop additional skills in the counseling profession.

3.  The name allows flexibility, and being known as “SkyFox” does not indicate the particular services provided, which goes along with me not being the “typical counseling type.”

4.  Mindfulness interventions and naturesque therapy improve the brain-body connection, and improves performance when we are able to slow down.

And #5…….

5.  I REALLY like Foxes!!

Also, what do you think of when I mention a Fox? I notice the mental focus, ingenuity, adaptability, intelligence, cautiousness, determination, clever, observant, and mindful of their surroundings. Admittedly, that sounds a lot like most athletes doesn’t it?


In the Eastern world, foxes (or Inari) symbolizes growth, prosperity, intelligence, and good fortune, and honestly, couldn’t we all use a little luck sometimes?


In the end, I kept coming back to meaningful inspiration in my therapy practice, and some of the most noticeable attributes that I see in my clients, and I want them to see in themselves in reference to a commonly misunderstood/misrepresented animal in the world around us.


Why work with Athletes?

As a former collegiate athlete myself, I have an understanding into the mind of an athlete competing at the highest form of competition. I also understand the pain of having the sport taken away from you due to injury, pressure, pleasure, etc. It’s tough to have something that you have always trained for, something that has always meant so much to you, taken away because of factors out of your control, and it weighs on how you can view the world around you.


Why do I work with athletes? Simply put: If I don’t, then who will? Modeling isn’t everything in this world, but the pressure, be it self-imposed, or societal, is insurmountable for those who consider themselves to be athletes. Practice to me doesn’t only include the physical attributes; the mental “game” is just as crucial!

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